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Lotsa New Stuff at the Pokemon Black & White Site

Get your first look at all the new Pokemon and gameplay systems that were unveiled in Coro Coro over the weekend.


At some point over the past week, the evil Pokemon Corporation updated the Pokemon Black & White official site with all the content that was disclosed in Coro Coro over the weekend.

In addition to our first official media for the new Pokemon and gameplay systems, there does seem to be a bit of new info in there, so let's looking.

In-game Legendary Pokemon

We've seen the Black & White cover girls (?) in art form. The site provides an in-game look at Reshiram and Zekrom.

Reshiram is 3.2m tall and weighs an amazing 330kg. He's Dragon/Fire type Pokemon of classification White Yang Pokemon. His ability is "Turbo Blaze."

Zekrom is 2.9m tall and an even more impossible 345kg. He's a a Dragon/Electric type Pokemon of classification Black Yin Pokemon. His ability is Tera Voltage.

These two Pokemon have urban legends surrounding them. Zekrom is said to be hidden by a storm cloud has he flies about the Isshu skies. Reshiram is said to have a flame that powers the world's climate.

New (But Not Legendary) Pokemon

Remember those seven Pokemon that Coro Coro revealed in its most recent issue? Here's what they look like next to one-another.

The Gear guy manages to look a lot cuter once you realize how small he is.

Visit the following official site pages for in-game looks at these newcomers for Pokemon Black & White:


Here's a map of the Isshu Region... or at least part of it.

Hiun City is down at the bottom. It's a business-oriented city.

The official site makes particular note of the area in the middle, which it describes as "an area with a strange external appearance."

It also notes that the Pokemon you found in Kanto, Jouto and the other areas of past Pokemon games are, for the most part, absent from Isshu.

Buying Stuff

You can buy items directly from the Pokemon Center, as the Friendly Shop is now located inside. You'll also find vending machines around town.


Here's your Pokedex, which will automatically store details on the Pokemon you encounter on your adventure. The red (or is it orange?) one is for the male main character. The pink one is for the female character.

Tools For Your Adventure

Past Pokemon games have let you register an item with the Y button, allowing you to quickly use the item without opening up a menu. In Black & White, you can register both tools and menu shortcuts to Y. During gameplay, when you press Y, you'll open up a list of the shortcuts you've recorded, giving you easy access to your favorite tools and menu selections.

She's a girl!

This is Professor Araragi. She's researching Pokemon in Isshu and will give you your Pokedex and first Pokemon. Notice how she's a girl? That's a first for the series.

C Gear

What is a "C Gear?" Wish I knew! Whatever "C Gear" is, it seems to have something to do with wireless functionality.

The C Gear is shown in the bottom screen of the left screenshot below. Using C Gear, you'll be able to access a variety of wireless features. What those features are is not specified at the official site.

As for the screen to the right, you'll have to figure out for yourself what it is.

Random Match

Face off against players throughout Japan in this mode. This is the first time the series has featured direct online play.

You access online mode -- and any wireless feature -- from the Pokemon Center. In the left screenshot below, you're given options for "Random Match" and "GTS."

Mysterious Web Functionality

CoroCoro mentioned some sort of web connectivity for Black & White where you upload your save data to the internet. The official site gives some vague suggestions of what you'll be able to do with this save file.

Apparently, using the save file, you can access a special website from your PC, and from there you'll be able to "play." Play what? It's unclear, but whatever it is, the results will somehow be reflected back on the DS side of the play experience.

The site says that, because of this link between DS and the web, players will be able to experience brand new play forms.

The site also makes a point of noting that the web-based features will not be required to enjoy Black & White.

New Battle Screen

The battle screen has been changed around for Black & White. To the right, you'll find the command selection screen. The "Weather" icon shown in the above right lets you keep track of the current in-game weather.

Bad Choice of Words

I don't mean to start anything here, but the text at Pokemon.co.jp leading to the Black & White official site reads "Pokemon, to a new dimension." Not the best terminology when Nintendo is showing its new 3D portable hardware down in LA at E3.

For the record, Black & White is still listed as just an ordinary DS game.

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