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Now you can dress your daughter like your virtual girlfriend. Wait, what?

Love Plus has cosplay too.


Here's the latest in Love Plus goods:

Yes, it's an actual school outfit, designed in the image of Tohano High School, the school that the Love Plus girls attend... err, the virtual school they virtually attend in the game's virtual world, that is.

The outfit is available in sizes S to XL. The jacket and scarf run ¥21,000. The skirt is ¥12,600.

Here's what the outfit looks like when worn by a real person... just in case the lack of arms, legs and head were causing you trouble.

This item is actually meant for cosplay. It's the latest product from cosplay masters Cospatio.

Please do not dress your daughter in it and send her off to school. You will get arrested.

Please do dress your 21-and-up girlfriend in the outfit. And don't forget to send me the pictures.

By the way, I was trying to find out the reading for the school's name, when I stumbled upon this report from the Love Network about how popular Tohano High School is:

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