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See Ni no Kuni PS3 In Motion

Level-5 debuts a must-see trailer and hints at some major differences between the DS and PS3 versions.


Level-5 opened an official website for the PS3 version of Ni no Kuni today. There isn't much content at the site yet, but what is there is plenty: a first trailer for the game!

This is the same trailer that was shared at today's press conference. It reduced our live blogger to hyperbole, and now you can see why.

The footage mixes real time gameplay with animation and dares you to spot the difference. Following some comparison scenes and a few sequences of main character Oliver running about town and the surrounding forests, the trailer provides a glimpse at the game's massive overworld, and then closes off with battle footage.

You can view the trailer at the official site, or stream it here:

The PS3 version of Ni no Kuni is titled "Ni no Kuni Shiroki Seihai no Joou." The subtitle is different from the DS version.

But the subtitle isn't the only difference. As detailed at the official site, while the stories for the two games will be on the "same axle," they're being made separately from scratch and will have different data, specifications and story developments. "Look forward to the two Ni no Kunis," writes the official site.

You're going to have to speculate on what having the two stories be on the "same axle" means. But it does look like Level-5 is trying to highlight the differences between the two versions.

The PS3 version is not due for release until 2011. The DS version will precede that on December 9 of this year.

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