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Amusement Machine Show Date Set

Annual arcade show being held just prior to Tokyo Game Show once again.

How can this year's show top giant joystick Tetris? (Image from last year's AM Show.)

Tokyo Game Show will likely be September's biggest gaming event. But just prior to that, JAMMA will be hosting the Amusement Machine Show, an event devoted to arcade games.

The 48th installment of the annual event will be held from September 9 through the 11th, JAMMA announced earlier this week. The venue is the Makuhari Messe, the same location as TGS the following week.

As usual, the first two days of the show will be press and business partners only. The general public will be admitted on the 11th, with same day tickets going for ¥1,000.

Last year's event saw such titles as Cyber Diver, Shining Force Cross, Tank Tank Tank and Sega's giant Tetris game, Tetris Dekaris. Lineups for this year's show have yet to be announced.

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