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This is How You Sell White Knight Chronicles 2

Watch Meme and Yuna play Level-5's sequel... in bathing suits!


When Sony said last week that they'd be promoting White Knight Chronicles 2 by showing young idols play the game, they left out the important part: bikinis.

The two idols in these screen grabs that Sony sent out today are Meme Kitagawa and Yuna Shrakawa. Meme is a 21 year-old gravure idol from Chiba who likes stage acting. Yuna is a 20-year-old college student and idol from Tokyo who also performs in an all girl's rock band. Meme doesn't normally play games, but Yuna says she's a big game fan.

Every day through August 18, Meme and Yuna will be holding live play sessions of White Knight 2. I don't know if they'll be wearing two pieces in every broadcast, but you can check for yourself daily at 21:00 over at Nico Nico live.

Sony has also set up special channels for Meme and Yuna at Nico Nico.

You won't be alone if you visit Meme and Yuna at Nico Nico. Sony says each channel has received about 15,000 page views so far, and visitors have left some 8,000 comments.

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