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Take the McDonalds Train to Square Enix's Densha de Go

Tie-up between upcoming train sim and fast food chain.


In real life, McDonalds would probably never put its Golden Arches on the front of a train because it's very possible they'd hit someone who for some reason decided to jump onto the tracks.

But there's no "human accident" option in the latest DS rendition of Square Enix's train simulation series of much famousness, Densha de Go. And thus we ended up with this:

You won't find this McDonalds-themed train in the game by default. The only way to get it is by visiting McDonalds and downloading it through the Mac de DS download service.

McDonalds will be offering three different designs. The first one, shown above, will be available from July 30 through August 12. The second will be available from August 13 through August 26. The third will follow from August 27 through September 9.

Square Enix will also be distributing a demo of the game on July 15. This will be available for download through all DS Station kiosks.

Screens from the demo.

The new Densha de Go, the first entry in the series to be published under the Square Enix name (previous entries were published through Taito) will be released on the 22nd under the full name "Yamanote sen Meimei 100-shuu-nen Kinen Densha de Go! Tokubetsuhen Fukkatsu! Showa no Yamanotesen." All the junk around "Densha de Go" in the title indicates that this being released in commemoration of the 100 year anniversary of the Yamanote Line, the famous green line that circles Tokyo, getting its name. The game has a special "Showa" mode which features trains and backgrounds from the Showa era.

It also has various "other pleasures," which you can read about at the official site.

Here are pics of some of the other trains that you'll find included:

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