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God Eater Burst Detailed at God Eater Fes

Namco Bandai shares screens, details and the first video for its God Eater update.


Sunday's God Eater Fes tournament served as the official announcement point for God Eater Burst, with Namco Bandai at long last sharing details on a game we actually heard about a month ago.

As detailed at the event, God Eater Burst is more of an upgrade than a sequel to the original God Eater, which was released back in February and has since sold over 600,000 units. The game includes the original God Eater, updated visually and with new gameplay elements.

Major Improvements include a new Aragami monster (these are the large creatures you hunt) named Hannibal, a new scenario sequence set three months after the ending of the original, and a new Avatar Card system. This latter system lets you convert your player character into AI form for exchange with other players. Your character serves as their party members during solo play.

A bit more vague, Namco Bandai also promises far greater volume for weapons, costumes and other collection aspects, new elements for the game's wireless play mode, balance adjustments, new actions for combat, and other new features that were requested by players of the original.

Namco Bandai shared a promotional video for God Eater Burst at God Eater Fes and later at the newly opened official site. You can view it here:

God Eater Burst will see release this Fall. New buyers will be able to obtain the full package version of the game for ¥5,229. An "Append" version will also be available for those wanting to upgrade from the current God Eater. This will run ¥2,100.

If all this sounds familiar, it's because it's matches the info that leaked out about a "God Eater Plus" early last month. There's additional info in the leak story so read that until Namco Bandai provides a second official report.

As for the God Eater Fes itself, the event included a tournament, talk sessions with the voice cast and development staff, and a mini live from alan. You can see images from the event here:

Namco Bandai is planning another God Eater Fes event for November, where it says we can expect additional details on God Eater Burst.

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