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NieR Developer Cavia Being Absorbed Into AQ Interactive

Developer of numerous Square Enix titles to cease to exist following absorption.


The "Cavia" name may be a thing of the past soon. The developer of such games as NieR and Drakengard is being absorbed into parent AQ Interactive.

4gamer revealed this in an interview with the NieR development staff that was posted on the 10th. Closing off the interview, the site said that NieR will be the final title from Cavia as a developer. The studio's development staff is being completely absorbed into AQ.

Later, the site updated with notice that AQ Interactive had asked that they specify that the Cavia brand will cease to exist following the absorption.

4gamer did not provide reason for the move.

Cavia is best known for NieR and the Drakengard series, both published by Square Enix. The studio also developed such titles as Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles and its sequel, Bullet Witch, KORG DS-10, and Fate/unlimited codes.

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