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Hear Keiji Inafune Speak About Zombies

Dead Rising producer pushing zombies ahead of Dead Rising 2's release.

Inafune speaks at a Dead Rising 2 event at last year's Tokyo Game Show.

Dead Rising producer Keiji Inafune is in full zombie promo mode in anticipation of Dead Rising 2's September worldwide release. We already heard about the Save the Zombie Day event which will feature an appearance by Inafune. That's not until the 24th, though. Before that, Inafune will be appearing in a Nico Nico Video broadcast where he'll speak about zombies.

Translated to English, the event's name is "They're not Horror Movies, They're Zombie Movies." The theme if the event is "Save the Zombie," apparently in response to the lack of domestic releases for zombie moves. Inafune will speak along side film critic Jun Edoki and writer/illustrator Grave Grinder. The event will be MCed by Junk Hunter Yoshida.

If you're interested in watching, visit Nico Nico Channel 6991 at 20:00 tonight. Everyone will presumably be speaking Japanese, but here's a hint: the Japanese word for zombie is zombie.

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