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Konami's Latest Baseball Game Hits iPhone

Pro Baseball Touch 2010 features the realistic kind of players.


iPhone/iPod touch looking for Konami-style big-headed baseball are going to have settle for the next best thing. Konami released Pro Baseball Touch 2010 through the App Store today. Download it for ¥800.

Pro Baseball Touch 2010, different from the Power Pro series, has a focus on reality, with realistic proportioned players. You'll find all the latest player data updated through June of this year, and over 1,500 color commentary voices.

Modes of play include a versus CPU mode, a pennant mode with season length selectable between 25, 50 and 144 games, and an arranged mode where you build up an original team. The game includes all 12 pro baseball teams.

In the control department, the game has been tuned for the iPhone's touch controls. When batting, you simply have to tap the screen with good timing. During pitching, you select your pitch type and ball course. Defense and base running can be switched between auto, semi-auto and manual.

Visit Konami's portal for more on all the company's iPhone/iPod touch/iPod product.

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