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Sakaguchi Putting 120% Into The Last Story

Final Fantasy creator gets the feeling that The Last Story could be his last game.

Scene from The Last Story's trailer.

Mistwalker CEO Hironobu Sakaguchi updated his blog at the Mistwalker home page today. This is the first update in nearly a month.

Sakaguchi's return to blogging came with his return to Hawaii. He's spent the last three months in Japan, but he had to return to his home and family in Hawaii for some personal matters. He'll be there for about a week.

Moving on to matters of The Last Story, Sakaguchi provided a link to the debut trailer that Nintendo posted last week.

He wrote, "This is a title that myself and the development staff are putting 120% of our energy into." He admitted to being nervous, similar to the insecurity one has when their child heads off on a journey.

"I'm fully pouring everything into this one title, and the feeling of it maybe being my last title is strong." He's aiming to complete the title so that he has no regrets, but even more so with the feeling that he should be enjoying himself right now.

Sakaguchi usually provides English translations of his posts a few days after the Japanese versions. Keep checking the English section of the site for a full translation.

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