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Date Set for Inafune's Dead Rising Movie

Movie to be distributed for free in eight parts through Xbox Live Marketplace.

Keiji Inafune speaks about his first movie at the official site.

Dead Rising 2 promotional website "Tape it or Die" was updated today with some long awaited news about the upcoming Dead Rising movie.

Formally titled, in Japanese, Shibyou Osen Dead Rising, the Dead Rising movie is the first movie from series producer Keiji Inafune. Amazingly, Capcom has decided to skip out on theaters and will instead distribute the movie in multiple installments for free download via the Dead Rising website and Xbox Live Marketplace.

Today, Capcom shared a download schedule. The first three volumes will hit Xbox Live Marketplace on August 4. Volumes 4 and 5 will come on August 11, followed by volumes 6 and 7 on August 18 and the eighth and final volume on August 25. The official website downloads will trail by one week.

At the movie official site, you'll find a special message from Inafune himself. The director, and zombie aficionado, says that the reason he made the movie is because he knows the Dead Rising world more than anyone else, and thus only he could make it. He also admits that the movie is not meant to be an A class film. It was made for cheap (he actually says "cheap"), in a short amount of time.

The movie is going to be released worldwide in English with subtitles in various languages. It's unclear at present if the release is simultaneous, although this tends to be the case for Xbox Live Marketplace product.

Official movie poster.

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