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Consoles Goddesses Get Friendly in Neptune Bonus Items

If only real console makers were so open.


System wars? More like system love! These Super Dimensional Game Neptune retailer pre-order bonuses, revealed in full color today (they were previously just sketches), have the game's characters, many of whom are meant to be personifications of video game systems, getting nice and cozy with each other.

Select your shop according to what form of forbidden dual console ownership you prefer:

Sofmap -- telephone card
Animate -- telephone card
Messe Sanoh -- telephone card
Imagine -- tosho card
Ami Ami -- telephone card.
Media Land -- telephone card

Not shown: the Gamers telephone card and the Rakuten point card.

Neptune is due for release on August 19, a bit later than the originally announced July 29 release date.

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Icons by Glyphicons. Used under CC-BY license.