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Cave's New Arcade Shooter: Akai Katana

Get your first teaser look via a debut trailer ahead of the game's location test next week.


Cave has a new shooter on the way for arcades, and boy does it have some sweet art! Get your first look at Akai Katana via the new teaser site, or just stream the debut trailer here:

Did you notice the lack of bullets in that video? Yes, the trailer is 100% characters talking back and forth. But this is a true arcade-style vertical bullet hell shooter.

Arcade operator G-Front actually shared first details on the game last week following a teaser announcement at the Cave blog. According to the listing, Akai Katana (literally "Red Katana" -- you know what a katana is, right?) gives you control of a ship piloted by a pair of characters. Each character has unique attack patterns. The game is set in a hardline military world where mechs, styled like 1950s retro military machinery, are primary weapons.

Although we're just hearing about it now, the G-Front listing says that the game was developed slowly over a a period of over one year. And although the debut trailer showed no gameplay, Cave does seem to be ready to debut the game before its most hardcore of fans. The company is planning a location test for next week, ahead of a final arcade release.

Want to get a sneak peak at your next Cave shooter? Then head out to Akihabara Hey from the 23rd through the 26th for the location test.

Sweet artwork, but let's hope some screens surface soon.

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