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Download the Second Tales of Phantasia Demo Now

Get a sampling of Narikiri Dungeon X from Jump.


The first of two Tales of Phantasia Narikiri Dungeon X hit earlier this month. The second is scheduled to hit on the 22nd.

Want to get access to the second demo in advance -- like now? Then visit V Jump, which was allowed to put up the demo today.

To make the download, access one of the two zip files midway through this page (the links are in red). The files at the two links are the same, so just download one. Uncompress the zip file and copy it over to your Memory Stick, and you'll be able to start play.

The earlier demo was from the remake of the original Tales of Phantasia that's included with Narikiri Dungeon X. This demo is of Narikiri Dungeon X itself.

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