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New Dead Rising Details Shared at Zombie Event

Case: 0 to be given away as mostly free demo. Surrounded by zombies, producer Keiji Inafune details the X360-exclusive DLC and the upcoming movie.


What can we expect when Keiji Inafune is given the chance to make a cheapo b-movie adaptation of Dead Rising? This:

Yes, the thugs in Shibyou Onsen Dead Rising apparently wear Mega Man t-shirts.

Here are some additional pics from the movie, in case you have yet to detect the bad acting.

The poster for the movie has changed some from its original design:

There are actually two new posters here. The poster to the left is the original image that was shared at Shibyou Onsen's announcement back in January. The one in the middle is the official poster, newly revealed today. The one on the right, also revealed today, is the main visual, designed by Yoshiko Takahashi, art director of movie magazine Eiga Hihou.

Capcom shared all these Shibyou Onsen materials at the Save the Zombie zombie event on the 17th in Tokyo. Inafune took the stage at the event to introduce the movie, and, continuing with his recurrent theme of belittling his own work, he admitted that the actual movie itself doesn't have any scenes that are as cool as what's depicted in the nurse poster.

Attendees at the Save the Zombie event were given an early screening of the movie. The general public will get a chance to watch it through free streaming episodes that will begin in August. You can see this story for a schedule.

The version of the movie that was shown at the event had a special ending that won't be included with the streaming versions of the movie. Capcom will be giving the zombie fanatics out there a chance to see the ending though. Inafune revealed during the event that Shibyou Onsen will get a DVD release. The DVD will feature the special ending from the event along with 55 minutes of interviews and making-of footage. Look for the DVD on November 4 for ¥3,800.

Outside of Shibyou Onsen, the focus of the event was on Dead Rising 2: Case 0, a piece of Xbox 360 exclusive download content.

Case 0 tells what happened three years prior to to the events of Dead Rising 2. Fortune City has been hit with an outbreak, and DR2 main character Chuck Greene and his daughter have arrived at a gas station in the suburbs. Chuck's daughter has been bitten by a zombie, and the only way to keep her alive is by injecting her with a vaccine known as Zombrex once every 12 hours (in the main DR2, Zombrex's development has advanced, giving it a 24 hour effectiveness). Unfortunately, Chuck's car, containing the Zombrex, gets stolen, and zombies begin attacking. Chuck and his daughter need to flee the area within 12 hours.

Inafune demoed Case: 0 live for attendees, explaining that, different from the Japanese version of the first Dead Rising, which had its more graphic elements censored, the Japanese version of DR2 will have violence at the level of its overseas counterparts.

While Inafune would not share release specifics on Case: 0, he did say to expect it about one month ahead of DR2's September 30 release date. Regarding price, Case: 0 actually serves as DR2's demo. You'll be able to play through part of it for free. However, if you want to get through to the end, you'll need to pay. Inafune said to expect a price of around ¥500.

You may want to invest the ¥500. During a Q&A session that followed the event, Inafune said that you'll be able to carry over your save file, complete with character stats, to start off DR2 with a boost.

Inafune also revealed during the Q&A an approximate play time for Case 0. Fast players could finish it in three hours, but the general player will take four to five hours.

Attendees at the event were able to play Case: 0 for themselves through kiosks set up in the lobby area. What's particularly notable about the attendees at this event is that most -- even 160 members of the general public who'd won drawings to attend -- were dressed up in zombie gear. You can see images of the madness here:

The girl in red who's clearly not dressed like a zombie is singer Ami Suzuki. She appeared at the event as a guest to judge the zombie fashion show, which you can see the Impress report.

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