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More Capcom Calendars

The girls are joined by the monsters.


Remember the "Capcom Girls" calendar? You'd better remember, as it was announced last week!

Here's a closer look at the cover, provided by Capcom today in its general briefing about the calendar.

As detailed last week, the Capcom Girls 2011 calendar features female characters from Monster Hunter, Sengoku Basara, Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Phoenix Wright and Mega Man Star Force, with artwork from Kinu Nishimura and other famous artists. The A2 size (420x594mm) six page calendar will be available in September for 2,100.. You'll be able to buy it at book shops, but e-Capcom will offer a slightly different cover.

Joining the Capcom Girls 2011 calendar are a couple of Monster Hunter calendars.

The Monster Hunter Calendar 2011 is size A2 (594x420mm) and features 7 pages. You'll find the package art from the original Monster Hunter through Monster Hunter 3. The cover has CG from the upcoming Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Look for the ¥2,100 calendar in book shops on 9/16.

The Monster Hunter Tabletop Calendar 2011 is size A6 (210x148.5mm) and features 13 pages, with CG from Monster Hunter all the through through Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. This will be sold through e-Capcom in September at ¥1,260.

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