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Yakuza's Kazuma Kiryu is in Shinjuku

Sega wastes no time alerting gamers to the reemergence of the series' original hero in the new PS3 title.


Sega announced yesterday that the new, unnamed PS3 entry in the Yakuza series will feature series' hero Kazuma Kiryu in a starring role alongside Goro Majima.

Today, it alerted the general populace to the fact through this display that went up outside the Don Quijoti retailer in Shinjuku.

Those who've played Yakuza will recognize this as the discount retailer that appears in the game. The Shinjuku branch is located on the edge of Kabukicho, the area that serves a the basis of the in-game Kamurocho.

Back at the game's announcement, Sega put up a poster of Goro Majima at the same location. Perhaps Sega will be changing the visual with each new character announcement.

Kazuma Kiryu will return in the new PS3 Yakuza game as a playable character. Will other characters follow?

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