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Your Final Fantasy XIV Classes

Check out artwork for the 18 classes that will be ready for the September launch.


When Final Fantasy XIV begins official service on the PC in late September, players will have access to at least 18 classes for their character. Square Enix shared today some artwork for each of the classes.

Remember, as part of the game's "Armory System," you can easily change your class by simply switching out weapons and equipment. Using this system, you can make your character learn a variety of skills.

Classes are divided into four categories: Fighter, Sorcerer, Gatherer and Crafter. Here's a look at the default set of 18. More classes are scheduled to be added following the start of service.

PUGILIST (Fighter)


MARAUDER (Fighter)

ARCHER (Fighter)

LANCER (Fighter)

CONJURER (Sorcerer)


MINER (Gatherer)

HARVESTER (Gatherer)

FISHERMAN (Gatherer)



AMOURER (Crafter)



WEAVER (Crafter)



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Icons by Glyphicons. Used under CC-BY license.