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Dead Rising 2 e-Capcom Bonus is Woooo!!

... but not as Woooo!! as the bonus for the Dead Rising movie DVD!


What sound to Japanese zombies make?

The answer is apparently "Woooo."

That's what they're saying on the bonus item that e-Capcom is giving to Dead Rising 2 buyers:

It may not look like it, but this item is a cell phone stand. Your cell phone can stick to the front, which apparently uses some sort of special sheet. It will look a little something like this:

... only with a real cell phone instead of the CG phone.

With its special stick properties, this looks like a pretty neat bonus, worthy of the e-Capcom name. But the bonus that awaits a couple of buyers of the DVD release of the Shibyou Onsen Dead Rising movie, set for 11/4 at ¥3,990, is even more deserving of a "Wooo." Capcom says it will be giving the actual weaponized wheel chair that's used in the movie to two lucky buyers.

I presume they're talking about the wheelchair pictured in the early promo poster:

Hope they wipe off the blood!

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