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God Eater Burst Dated, Includes Bikini NPCs

Get a first look at the update's bonus items and its retail promo poster.


Namco Bandai announced today a final release date of October 28 for God Eater Burst. As previously detailed, the game will be available in standalone form for ¥5,229, and as a ¥2,100 append disc upgrade for owners of the current version.

God Eater Burst includes all the content of the original God Eater. It's more of an update than a sequel.

Here's how the append disc works. You'll first need to have the game verify your UMD and save data from the original. You'll then be able to use the append disc on its own to start the game.

Of course, you'll be able to carry over your character from the original, and remake it for use in Burst.

Namco Bandai is readying some bonus items for the game. Buyers of either version will get a "Premium Character Download Card," giving you downloadable access to NPCs dressed in special clothing. Currently, Namco Bandai has confirmed bikini Arissa, butler Soma and China dress Sakuya. There will be other NPCs included in the set as well.

Buyers of the full price version will also get a "Beginner GE Hunting Guide" booklet.

While Namco Bandai hasn't shared a picture of the booklet, it did provide a look at the game's retail poster at the official blog:

This poster will appear in game shops starting in early August.

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