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Love Plus Set for Arcades

Arcade version of girlfriend sim going on location test in Akihabara this weekend.


Here's a game that totally came out of nowhere. It turns out that Konami has been developing an arcade version of girlfriend simulator Love Plus. And not only is the game in development, it's so far along that it's going on location test this weekend!

Series producer Akari Uchida posted notice of the arcade version's development at his Twitter earlier today. "We're advancing in the production of an 'arcade version' so that you can enjoy Love Plus at arcades as well," wrote Uchida. "You'll be able to play the game for two days on the 24th and 25th at one of those 'location tests'"

In typical fashion, Konami opened a special page for the location test even before the game has been formally announced. The page lists the game as "Love Plus Arcade" and shows what looks like individual cabinets for each of the three heroines.

To sample Love Plus Arcade in advance of... well, whenever it's set to come out... head to Tokyo Leisure Land in Akihabara on the 24th or 25th.

While you're in the Akihabara area, be sure and stop by at Hey to take part in location tests for Super Street Fighter IV and Akai Katana as well. It's a busy weekend for location tests!

UPDATE 16:26 -- Konami sent out notice to the press about Love Plus Arcade, which it says is just a tentative name. The notice didn't provide any details on the game, but it did come with some high res media of the cabinet and the three girls. You can view them here:

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