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Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Screens

Full res screens show off the arcade version. Can you spot any differences?


Capcom finally got around to sending out notice of Super Street Fighter IV's weekend location test to the press today. Accompanying the notice were some full resolution screens of the game.

You can view the screens here. Click to supersize.

Can you see any differences from the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions and from the first SFIV arcade release? Capcom already detailed a couple of the differences at the Super SFIV blog. Your ranking is shown during the fight now, and you have additional space for your introduction text (visible in the VS screen).

The location test already kicked off earlier today, and some have reported back that there are two additional slots in the character select screen. Capcom unfortunately has not shared official screenshots of the select screen.

Attendees of the location test can purchase two NESYS cards for storing data. The game will also work with your current SFIV card, although it appears that you'll need to make a new card if you want to play as one of the characters who's new to the arcade starting with Super.

See this story for a location test schedule.

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