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Face Glider: Nintendo's Latest Experimental DSi Ware Game

Control a glider with your face.


Nintendo has another one of those experimental DSi Ware games on the way for release next week. Check the DSi Shop on the 28th for Play with the Camera: Face Glider.

[Update 6/24 2:32 -- Looks like Face Glider was already released in Europe under the just-as-silly name of Face Pilot. Of course, no one cares about Europe, so continue reading like this is an original announcement.]

As detailed today at the newly opened official site, Face Glider is a single player hang glider game where you control your glider with your face. Your facial movements are picked up by the DSi's camera.

Your goal in the game is to ride your glider through a variety of courses under constraint of time. The basic course layout requires that you strike floating balloons in order to make a goal appear. You'll also find ring stars which can be collected for points.

Other course types include an aiming game, where you attempt attempt to toss balls at a target, and a "speed attack" course where you ride a speeding glider and attempt to collect as many star rings as possible.

The face controls are actually optional. If you choose to play with the system set on a table, you control the action directly with facial movements. You position your face, shown on the bottom screen, in the center of the screen to move forward, tilt your face left or right to turn in the corresponding direction, and move your face up or down to make your glider move up or down.

If you choose to play by holding the DSi, the game is still being controlled by your face's positioning in the bottom screen, but you can move the DSi around instead of moving your face.

You'll find four different glider types. You start off with a beginners type which can't go too fast but is relatively easy to control. More advanced types are capable of higher speed. One type will be able to gain speed through a special gimmick of some form.

You unlock the advanced gliders by collecting performance medals at the end of prior play sessions. You earn these medals based off your rank -- S, A, B or C -- and by performing certain preset conditions. Some medals may be hard to find. In addition to the advanced gliders, medals will earn you additional courses.

Nintendo will be charging 500 DSi Points for Face Glider.

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