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Afrika's Online Service Ending

No more photo contests to show off your digital digital photo skills.

Afrika's tiny online component is coming to an end, but the game will of course continue to be playable offline.

PlayStation 3 wildlife simulator Afrika isn't strictly an online title. But it does have some online elements through its online photo contest series, one of which is still running.

All online functionality for the game is coming to an end, Sony announced today. Online service will formally end on August 31.

Sony's announcement today has gotten a variety of reactions from message board posters. The general reaction seems to be "Afrika had an online component?". Some of the more daring posters view the cancellation as a the first sign of a sequel announcement.

You can see the results of the online photo contests at the game's photo contest page. The current, and last, contest is being held through August 9.

[Seen at Hachimaki]

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