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This is Love Plus Arcade

High res girlfriends, ceiling posters, and lots and lots of mini games. Boyfriends gather in Akiba.


Love Plus Arcade is now on location test. Boyfriends gathered earlier today in Akihabara, and some brought their cell phones to take secret pics.

Here are a few samples:

At 7:40 in the AM, some 20 people had gathered outside the location test... err... location.

As if cutouts of the girls on the cabinet itself wasn't enough, the arcade also took the liberty of putting posters of the girls in bathing suits. On the ceiling.

Nene in super high res. Then, you wake up the next morning, look beside you, and she's back in low res on the DS.

These are printed out after you play the game (see below for details).

There's a disturbing animated GIF at Hachimaki that I'm not going to post here (my image system doesn't support gifs, so I thankfully didn't have a choice).

4gamer posted detailed impressions from the location test, complete with lots of cam-grabbed screenshots.

According to the site, the arcade had three units set up, each consisting of posters and promo materials for a single girl. Regardless of the decorations, the content the game itself is unchanged.

The cabinets have headphone jacks. When you plug in your headphones, the game's music continues to play through the cabinet's speakers, but the girl's voice comes exclusively through the headphones. 4gamer speculates that this system is in place because, as with the DS Love Plus, the girls actually call out your name, and players might be worried about rumors spreading.

You start the game off with a selection: printout or no printout. If you select printout, at the end of your play session the game will print a sheet containing a recollection of your date. If you opt for no printout, the cost to play is ¥200. If you opt for printout, the cost goes up to ¥300.

Following this choice, you select your girl. The arcade has the same three girls as the DS version. You then input your name, allowing the girl to directly identify you.

Next, you view a scene of you and your girl walking together. You make a date for the following sunday. You then select the type of date.

The dates take the form of mini games. The location test version had three types:

Note 30
Take turns with your girl counting up from 1. You can count 1, 2 or 3 in a given turn. The person unlucky enough to hit 30 loses. This game is set in the girl's room.
Darumasan ga Koronda
This is somewhat similar to "Red Light, Green Light." Set in a park, your girl faces away from you. As she says "Darumasan ga Koronde," you press the action button as fast as possible, making yourself move closer. Of course, you need to make sure and not press the button when she's looking at you, or you'll lose.
Suikawari (Watermelon Splitting)
Your girlfriend is in a bikini and blindfolded. You have to guide her to a watermelon that's in front of the screen, tapping on-screen guidance buttons that tell her when to move left and right and when to slice.

View the 4gamer story of pics of these games.

4gamer reports that Love Plus Arcade's development is currently at 30%. The game is without a final release date.

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