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Halo Reach Bundle Announced for Japan

Microsoft shares plans for limited edition bundle and special accessories.


Japan may account for a tiny fraction of Halo's sales, but Microsoft is still giving fans here the full experience for the upcoming Halo: Reach. Coinciding with announcements made overseas, Microsoft Japan announced the Halo Reach Limited Edition for Japan this past week.

The Halo Reach Limited Ediiton bundle includes a special Xbox 360 slim, colored silver and with special Halo Reach markings on both the system and the two included wireless controllers. Also included in the special box is a standard headset, a retail copy of Halo Reach, and all required cables.

The bundle will be priced ¥39,800. This is a savings of about ¥3,000 over buying everything separately.

As detailed earlier this month, Reach will also be available in standard form for ¥7,140, as a Limited Edition costing ¥8,610, and as a Legendary Edition running ¥16,590. The content of the Limited and Legendary editions mirrors their overseas counterparts.

Limited and Legendary editions.

All versions of the game, including the hardware bundle, qualify for the "Recon Helmet" download code pre-order bonus Microsoft previously announced.

Microsoft will also be making available its lineup of Halo-themed accessories for Japanese release. These include the Halo Reach Limited Edition Wireless Controller, priced at ¥5,775, and a Halo Reach Limited Edition wireless headset, priced at ¥6,300. The headset is different from the standard headset that's bundled with the system.

Those who want to play online will be able to purchase a Halo Reach Limited Edition version of Xbox Live Gold Membership. Priced at ¥5,229, this includes 2 months on top of the standard 12 months.

All these Halo: Reach product will be available here on September 15, simultaneous with the rest of the world.

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