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Love Plus Arcade Videos

Konami's arcade girlfriend simulator, now in glorious motion.


You've read about Love Plus Arcade, Now see for yourself what happens when Konami brings its girlfriend simulator to game centers, where people can actually see you playing it.

This first video shows a player selecting his girl, inputting his name, setting up his first date (while walking with the girl), then selecting a date type. After the date, played like a mini game, a print comes out of the machine detailing the girl's "memory" of the date.

The player here is wearing headphones, so you can't hear the dialogue:

You can see this story for details on the mini games. I didn't mention that this particular mini game lets you poke the girl, as I wasn't aware of this important gameplay feature at the time.

This next video shows some of the surrounding materials at the location test:

This final video shows the full game procedure just like the first video, but with a different girl and mini game. The player isn't playing with headphones, so if you listen closely you can hear the girl calling out his name.

This player doesn't try poking the girl here, but I don't doubt that you can!

Kotaku Japan delivered impressions of their own from the play test. They made it a point to comment on potential visibility from surrounding players. Writes the site, due to the positioning of the touch panel and all the surrounding materials, it would be difficult for people to see you play unless they were watching directly above you (and then you could give them an effective elbow to the balls!). However, the site also notes that your girlfriend calls out your name in a loud voice. If you want real privacy, you'll want to use head phones, as the voice component will then come exclusively through the headphones.

[Seen at Hachimaki]

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