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How to Get Pokemon #000 in Black & White

Download special item from DS Station and Nintendo Zone to meet phantom Pokemon Victini.


Pokemon Co. has shared details on a new "Phantom" legendary Pokemon who will debut in Pokemon Black & White. Named Victini, the Pokemon debuted on this week's Pokemon Sunday before Pokemon Co. sent out official notice today.

Victini is number #000 in your Pokedex in Black & White. This is apparently a number that's never been used in past Pokemon games, suggesting that Victini may be somewhat special.

To get Victini, you'll need to first obtain a special "Liberty Ticket" item. This item will be distributed from September 18, launch day, through October 18 at retail Nintendo Zone and DS Station kiosks as well as at shops that sell Pokemon product.

It should be noted that while you'll be able to get the Liberty Ticket immediately after starting the game, you won't be able to actually meet Victini until you've advanced to a degree.

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