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Sony Licensing PlayStation Logo to Non Game Items

Clothing and non game items to display official branding.


You've probably seen accessories and peripherals sporting the PlayStation logo. Gaming gear that reaches certain standards set by Sony are granted official licensing and get to display this logo:

Sony announced today that it will be expanding this official license program to items not directly related to games. The company will be granting rights to use the PlayStation logo and symbolic triangle, circle, x and square marks on t-shirts, accessories and other general "life style" items. The packaging for such items will show the same "Official Licensed Product" logo that's applied to licensed gaming gear.

T-shirt is not an actual product.

The company did not share specific product information today.

Sony started its official licensee program for peripherals and accessories in June 2009. According to Sony, over 45 makers throughout the world take part in the program, offering over 123 items.

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