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Flying Flying Get Hints at Big Tetsuya Nomura Interview This Week

Square Enix's super producer may be discussing his upcoming project in Dengeki Games.


Magazine info usually leaks out on Wednesdays. It's still Tuesday, so I'm a bit suspicious, but here's something that's passed through the filters at some Japanese gaming blogs.

Square Enix fans site FF Reunion reports that, according to flying get reports from none-other-than Mr. Furage GK himself, the latest issue of Dengeki Games has a big interview with Tetsuya Nomura. In the interview, Nomura discusses Kingdom Hearts 3D, Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded, The 3rd Birthday, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The content of the interview is apparently similar to Nomura's other recent interviews.

The magazine also has a report on the new PSP Tactics Ogre game. It confirms wireless play for the game (in case you somehow didn't expect this). It also appears to have some details on the mysterious Wheel of fate system.

Whoever shared these details also shared a pic of the magazine's front. The text on the magazine's cover does show Tactics Ogre and the Tetsuya Nomura interview.

We should find out tomorrow if any of it is real!

Update 7/28 4:01 - Amazon has posted the magazine cover (thanks Mreow!):

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