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Metal Gear Arcade Resurfaces

3D arcade title going on location test later this week.

Tiny thumbnail screenshot of the new mission mdoe.

Months after making its playable debut at February's AOU arcade event, Metal Gear Arcade is at last ready to go on location test.

Konami updated the game's official site with notice of a location test that will be held from the 30th through the 1st at Adores Shibuya (yes, that's an actual arcade name) and Round One Yokoyama Station West.

The location test will unlock a previously undisclosed mode of play: "Mission Mode." In this original Metal Gear Arcade mode, you team up with other players in your arcade to take on a variety of missions. The point of these missions, says Konami, is to communicate with your friends and detect and defeat the enemy as quickly as possible.

The game also still has its nationwide online team battle mode. And just for the record, it still seems to be 3D.

Those who make the effort to try out the game in advance be given 2,000 reward points for use in PS3's Metal Gear Online.

While Metal Gear Arcade dropped from the public eye for a few months, Konami CEO Fumiaki Tanaka mentioned the game in a Nikkei interview last month. He said that the staff has been taking extra time to brush up the game in order to meet expectations in a post-Avatar world.

We shared impressions of the pre-Avatar game back at AOU.

Teeny-tiny images of Metal Gear Arcade from the official site.

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