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This Week's Flying Get

You'll "love" this week's early leaks story.


This week's flying get is inspired by this upcoming series of Love Plus + figures.

These ¥6,500 mini girlfriends may be just one-eighth the size, but they have all the love of the real (?) thing. And swappable hair parts too! You'll get five hair pieces with each girl.

Order the full set from Konami Style, and you'll also get a special hair part that gives Manaka the familiar hair style of Tokimeki Memorial heroine Shiori Fujisaka:

There probably won't be any new Love Plus revelations in this week's magazines (although some formal details on Love Plus Arcade would be nice, Konami!). But there will be some big news this week. Famitsu has promised a number of new title scoops for this week's issue. Dengeki will have an interview with Tetsuya Nomura along with its own look at Tactics Ogre.

Check back in this space throughout the day for updates!

As always, a warning. The info you'll find in this column usually comes from Game Jouhou, which seems to get its info from message boards and other shady sources. None of the info has been verified, so for gods sake no wagering!

IF & Compile Hearts CEO Interviewed (added 16:25)

Gemaga has an interview with Yoshiteru Sato, president of Idea Factory and Compile Hearts. I have to admit, I wasn't aware they had the same president, but it certainly explains a lot!

In the interview, Sato reveals that the Agarest series has topped 250,000 sales worldwide.

He also has some strong words for PS3. They had some difficulties with PS3 early on, but the experience gained during that time is being put to use. He described the system as a hardware with amazing magic, as it makes the developer evolve.

I'm not sure what this interview is supposed to be about. Perhaps Agarest Senki 2? If so, here's some smutty Agarest Senki 2 artwork:

Persona Director Interviewed (added 16:24)

Famitsu has an interview with Katsura Hashino, director of Persona 3 and Persona 4. Based off the short summary at Game Jouhou, Hashino seems to be pretty noncommittal in the interview. He says that for the next entry in the series, he'd like to better link the characters with the gods and demons. But, he ads, "If there is a next entry."

There's hopefully more to the interview than just that!

Heavy Rain Getting Move Re-Release

This was previously announced overseas, but Famitsu has confirmation that a Move-ready version of Heavy Rain will be released at some point. Game Jouhou's summary doesn't list the date or price.

Earth Seeker Stuff in Famitsu (added 13:35)

I don't know what's there yet, but it looks like Famitsu has a followup report on Earth Seeker. See this story if you're not sure why that matters.

Nomura Discusses Kingdom Hearts 3D (added 13:28)

FF Reunion has a summary of a Tetsuya Nomura interview that appears in Dengeki Games.

According to Nomura, Nintendo approached Square Enix about bringing Kingdom Hearts to 3DS. Nomura would only say one thing about KH3D, though: it will take place in the same time frame as the current games. Regarding 3D use, Nomura said he has a number of ideas.

Looking for new details on Re: Coded, The 3rd Birthday and Final Fantasy Versus XIII? FF Reunion says most of the Dengeki interview is similar to Nomura's other recent interviews.

One More Dream Club Zero Girl (added 12:59)

The next Dream Club Zero hostess has been revealed. Following Haruka, revealed along with the game last week, comes Asuka.

Asuka's self introduction text is "I'm Asuka. I played volleyball for the longest time, then switched to beach volleyball. Being under the sun is great. I'm actually injured now and undergoing rehabilitation. My left foot isn't at full health yet. If I don't recover quickly, I'll cause trouble for my partner."

Wow... I want to drink with her!

So, in that hacked image from D3's official site, is Asuka the girl with the purple hair at the far right or the one who's still silhouetted? I'm going to guess it's the purple hair girl because of the height. Aren't volleyball players usually tall?

Play as Totooria's Hot Sister Cecilia Yes! (added 12:49)

It looks like Gust is readying download content for Atelier Totori. Revealed in this month's issue of Gemaga, the first round of download content for the PS3 Atelier series game will make Totooria's busty, older sister Cecilia playable:

Cecelia will beat down foes with a club. It also looks like she can use her hips in a hip attack. Expectedly, she and Totooria will have some team-up attacks.

The download content will also add a BGM Customize feature that lets you download and use classic Atelier series music in the game, and a character model viewer.

Sadly, the magazine does not provide price and availability info for the DLC.

PS3 Macross Is a Hybrid Disc (added 11:19)

PS3's new Macross game that's based off the Macross Frontier ~Itsuwari no Utahime~ (Macross Frontier the Movie: The False Songstress) movie has a slightly strange name: Macross Frontier ~Itsuwari no Utahime~ Hybrid Pack. As you might have guessed, the "Hybrid" means that it includes the new game and a copy of the movie!

The game adaptation is titled Macross Trial Frontier and is said to be similar in style to PSP's Macross Ultimate Frontier. All the charms of Macross will be here: singing, three-tiered transformations, and sky-filling missile streams. The characters and mecha from the movie will all be in the game, of course.

The movie component will include the movie itself and various other special videos, including a Weekly Toro Station clip of some form.

Namco Bandai will ship both components on the same disc, all for ¥7,140. That's how much you'd expect to pay for a game on its own! A release is set for October 7.

Red Dead Redemption Finally Gets a Date (added 11:03)

Red Dead Redemption is has been out for months now in America. But Japan still doesn't have it. That's going to change in a couple of months. Famitsu lists an October 7 release date for the game.

This means Japan's view of the wild west will soon go from this:

To this:

Radiata Stories Makers Making Radiant Historia (added 10:30)

Did you think "Radiata Stories" when you first heard the name Radiant Historia? Then your intuition served you correctly. Radiant Historia is a completely new RPG from Atlus, but it's being made by members of the Radiata Stories stafff. Hiroshi Konishi is listed as character designer and art lead. Tetsu Takayashiki listed as original work idea and world setting.

The game's music is being headed up by Yoko Shimomura. She didn't work on Radiata Stories as far as I know, but she is working on pretty much every single other game coming out of Japan right now.

Little is known about Radiant Historia at present. The story promises to be massive, with the player traveling back and forth into the past and future.

This Week's Famitsu (added 9:49)

Famitsu's table of contents this week lists coverage of the all new Radiant Historia from Atlus for DS, Street Fighter x Tekken for PS3 and Xbox 360, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition for 3DS and the previously unannounced Macross F ~Itsuwari no Utahime~ (Macross F the Movie: The False Songstress) for PS3.

This Month's Dengeki Games (added 9:49)

I wrote about this separately, but this month's Dengeki Games has coverage of Tactics Ogre and interviews with Tetsuya Nomura and 5pb CEO Chiyomaru Shikura. For the Nomura interview, the magazine's cover promises info on Kingdom Hearts 3D and other games.

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