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Beauty Clock Set For PSP

Let hot girls show you the time in this new PSP download.


Want to check out hot chicks on your PSP without losing track of the time? Then turn to HuneX's Bijin Tokei Portable.

Literally "Beauty Clock," Bijin Tokei is an iPhone app that does away with hour and minute hands in favor of hot girls holding signs showing the current time. The app swaps out a new girl every minute.

PSP's version of Bijin Tokei will work the same way, only HuneX is adding some new functionality. You'll be able to zoom in on pics, stream music in from Memory Stick, and switch between standard and tate (vertical) modes.

The app will also have an alarm clock, allowing you to wake up to the site of one of the included beauties. And if you want to know more about a given girl, you can view a profile.

The PSP version will also be expandable via expansion packs. The first pack is the "Expansion Pack Kyoto Version," which adds Kyoto girls to the Tokyo girls that are included as default.

Look for Bijin Tokei Portable on PlayStation Store on August 10. The standard ¥300 version of the title comes with 1,440 images of 360 models. Expansion packs will run ¥300 each.

This isn't the first time Bijin Tokei has been in the video game headlines. To get its pictures, the app maker has representatives walk around the streets asking regular girls to pose for the camera. In the past, Sega and Tecmo have teamed with Bijin Tokei to bring a different selection of girls to the app as collaborative promotions for such games as Yakuza and Dead or Alive.

If you want to see what Bijin Tokei is all about without paying for an iPhone app, visit the Bijin Tokei website.

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