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Yoshinori Ono on Super Street Fighter IV 3D

New 3D installment to play just like 2D version, says producer.

Famitsu shows off a number of additional characters this week.

It was certainly one of the more unexpected announcements from Nintendo's E3 showing of the 3DS. But now that we know it's on the way, everyone is wondering just what we can expect from Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition.

Producer Yoshinori Ono gave a few hints in an interview in this week's Famitsu.

The magazine first asked Ono why Capcom selected 3DS as the game's platform. When considering a port for a portable system, replied Ono, they looked into PSP and DS, but determined that there wasn't anything available that could do the game at the level they wanted. Then came 3DS's announcement. Ono decided that using 3DS, they'd be able to make something that showed the enjoyment of having Street Fighter in your palm. He was also interested in using the system's wireless functionality to let players communicate with each other.

But what about 3D? Ono wouldn't say exactly how they're using the system's 3D capabilities. He and the staff have a variety of ideas for using 3D and are currently experimenting, he said. Later in the interview, he said that they're considering using the 3D for the game's visual effects.

Ono was more direct with a statement about what won't be in the game. They won't do things like making it so that players can move into and out of the stages, or do anything that will have an effect on competitive play. "The gameplay will be the same as Super Street Fighter IV," assured Ono.

Ono also took a firm stance on one additional point: they won't be tailoring the game for kids. This was said in response to Famitsu's question on the possibility of child-oriented elements being added to the game in light of it being on Nintendo hardware. "Rather than that," said Ono," we'd like to make it into a title that makes kids grow."

3DS players can expect a few superficial changes to the gameplay. While Ono said that they're not planning on making balance adjustments, there could be some control changes. They're seeing if they can do anything with the bottom screen and the slide pad. Currently under consideration are such things as putting special buttons on the lower screen and placing special attacks on the slide pad.

The game could see some original content as well. Space willing, they'd like to keep all the modes from the console Super SFIV in place here, said Ono. This includes wireless play, with the staff hoping to make use of their knowhow from implementing wireless play in the home version. Additionally, in order to keep players motivated, they're hoping to include original content, and are even looking into the possibility of including arranged costumes.

Separate from the interview, Famitsu confirmed that all 35 console warriors will appear in the game. It also confirmed that the Saving Attack, Ultra Combo and other such systems will be in place.

All of this confirmation was done through screenshots showing such characters as Zangief, Blanka, Viper and Chun-Li, along with all those gameplay systems. Let's hope Capcom gets some of this media out online later this week.

Famitsu lists Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition as currently 10% complete. Ono would not commit to a final release date, but did say that he'd like to release the game when things are heating up for the franchise once again following the arcade version's release.

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