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First Look: Radiant Historia

The new DS RPG from the staff that brought us Radiata Stories.


Coinciding with coverage in its print issue this week, Famitsu.com posted today a first look at Radiant Historia.

As detailed in the magazine, and summarized here, Radiant Historia is an all new RPG from key staffers who worked on Square Enix's PS3 RPG Radiata Stories. The game is set in a world that is gradually turning to sand. This is true not just of the land, but of the people too, who suddenly turn to sand through an affliction known as "Sand People Disease."

In the Famitsu screens, the boy in red and with blonde hair is main character Stok. The girl in blue and with black hair is his subordinate, Renny.

Stok, Renny and another subordinate Marko, head into enemy territory to rescue a lost spy. They get caught by their foes, and Stok, injured, takes a trip into the mysterious world of Historia, where he earns the ability to travel through time and space. You'll use this ability to move between the past and present, and between two parallel worlds. Your goal is to change the past in order to change the future and avoid a tragedy.

The battle screenshots show the "Grid System," which positions enemies on a 3x3 grid. When the enemy is closer to the player, it incurs greater damage when attacked, but can also deal more damage to you. Positioning seems to be a central part of the gameplay, as you can use special skills to move enemies between spaces, even getting multiple enemies in a single space where a single attack will do damage against all of them.

Radiant Historia is set for November 4 release, priced at ¥6,279. An official site for the game is scheduled to open shortly and will provide music samples from composer Yoko Shimomura.

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