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Solarobo Gets a Date, Name and Limited Edition

CyberConnect2's original DS cats and dogs project arrives in October.


Namco Bandai shared today final release details on the game that we've been referring to as Solarobo since its March announcement.

The original DS RPG, brought to us by Naruto and .hack developer CyberConnect2, now has the final name of Solatorobo: Sorekara Coda e, or "Solatorobo: And Then, To Coda." A release is set for October 28, with pricing at ¥5,040.

CC2 fans can look forward to a limited quantity collectors edition. This ¥7,140 bundle comes in a special box and includes a 96 page art book, and a 45 minute soundtrack CD.

All buyers, of either the standard version or limited edition, will get the Solatorobo Prelude Disc, a DVD that promises a variety of content. Namco Bandai hasn't shared specifics on the content, but did say it would allow players to get a better grasp of the game's "massive world setting."

Solaroboto is set on the floating island world of Shepherd Republic and tells the story of two races of people, one resembling cats and one resembling dogs. You play as Red Savarin, one of the dog-types, who makes use of a mech for movement and combat. You can see a bunch of videos of the game's various gameplay systems in the system section of the official site.

Older screenshots of Solaroboto.

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