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Date Set for Red Dead Redemption

Take-Two delivering multiplatform title in October with no changes to content.


Take-Two Interactive Japan announced today a final release date of October 7 for Red Dead Redemption. The PS3 and Xbox 360 multiplatform title is being priced ¥7,340 and will carry a CERO Z rating.

As a bonus for buyers of the first print run, Take-Two will include a special contents code that lets you download a soundtrack and costume. The costume makes your character's "Dead Eye" meter recover faster.

To announce the release information, Take-Two gathered the local media for a press conference. As reported at Sports Hochi, producer Rich Rosado was in attendance at the event. He addressed one area of concern for Japanese players: censorship. With all the violence, there's been some concern that the game would end up seeing some of its content cut.

"We'd like to release it without any changes to content, " said Rosado. "We understand that there are differences in culture and thinking depending on the country, but we believe what the users want is the game in its original form."

Take-Two will be releasing the game with English voices and Japanese subtitles, the Sports Hochi report also reveals.

You can see a Japanese trailer for the game at 4gamer. For pictures from the press conference, see Impress Watch

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