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The Final Virtua Fighter 5 Hits Arcades

Final Showdown hits arcades complete with lots of new costumes.


Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown made it out into arcades on schedule today. Visit your local game center, and you may get to play the game that Sega says is the "final form" of VF5.

Final Showdown makes a number of changes to the classic fighter, both at the core gameplay level and more superficially. Solo players can look forward to the new Knockout Trial Special. If you're into customization, you'll find greater freedom for dressing up your characters.

Sega has also been making a big fuss over the game's Twitter connectivity. Hook up your Twitter account with VF.net, and you'll be able to have your combat details broadcast as Tweets. You can see what the Tweets look like at the Final Showdown official site. VF.net lets you customize what type of information gets broadcast.

Also visit the official site for a look at some of the new costumes Sega made available today to commemorate the release.

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