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Capcom Earnings Drop 70%

Company cites poor performance of Lost Planet 2 and other new releases.

Ghost Trick, from the designer of Phoenix Wright.

Capcom saw huge drops in first quarter earnings this year. Similar to other publishers, the company cited the appreciating yen as one of the main culprits, but it also pointed out specific games for failing to reach expectations.

For the three month period ended June 30, Capcom saw sales of ¥19,037 million, a 2.4% drop from the same three month period the year prior. Operating income fell 72.6% to ¥1,005 million.

Capcom's core Consumer Online Games division actually saw a slight increase in sales, but suffered a 62.1% drop in earnings. In its earnings report, Capcom mentioned steady growth for Super Street Fighter IV (PS3 and Xbox 360) and Monster Hunter Frontier Online (PC and Xbox 360). Lost Planet 2 (PS3, Xbox 360) "underperformed its projection substantially," while Monster Hunter 3 (Wii) and Ghost Trick (DS) had difficulties.

You can view Capcom's earnings briefing for yourself here.

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