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Hatsune Miku Gets Her Own Memory Stick

They're charging you a lot more than they should be, but it's all in good fun.


Even if you don't care for vanity Memory Sticks, you have to admit, this Hastune Miku Project Diva Memory Stick is pretty neat:

Produced by Hori, the 3.9 Gigabyte stick costs ¥3,939. It will be available on 9/30.

Why all the 3s and 9s? "39" can be pronounced "Mi-ku," just like the character's name. You'll find many occurrences of "39" when dealing with Hatsune Miku promotions.

In this case, the "3.9GB" is actually a lie. Read the fine print, an you'll find that it's actually a 4GB stick.

Some of that memory is taken up by pre-installed Hatsune Miku custom themes and icons, so maybe the 3.9GB isn't so inaccurate.

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