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New Xbox 360 Revelations at Famitsu Anniversary Event

5pb. CEO shares shooter plans. Cave dev chief shares adventure game plans. Microsoft higher-up shares TGS plans.

No more tiny screens for Microsoft's Xbox 360 kiosks!

As promised last month, Famitsu Xbox 360 held its big 100th issue anniversary event at Enterbrain's WinPa event space on the 31st. Famitsu.com was in attendance and delivered a report on some of the announcements that came during the various talk sessions.

The event featured appearances by Vanquish director Shinji Mikami, Valhalla Studio Chief Technology Officer Tomonobu Itagaki, 5pb. CEO Chiyomaru Shikura and Cave head of development Makoto Asada. The biggest announcements came from Shikura and Asada during their live recording of Shikura's Famitsu Xbox 360 "High Spec Machine; Low Spec Man" column.

Asada, known for his work on arcade-style shoot-em-ups, revealed that he's making an adventure game. This game is being done in the motif of detective adventure games that were released in the 80s and 90s. It will feature a 40-year-old male lead, although Asada joked that due to "adult circumstances," the character may change into a girl.

Asada also said to expect an announcement of some form at Cave's upcoming Akihabara games festival, which is scheduled for August 14. Based off Famitsu's article, it's unclear if the announcement is related to the adventure game, or if Cave will be announcing something else. Or perhaps there will be multiple announcements.

You can see Japanese language details on the Cave event here.

Shikura shared a few additional details on the original shooting game that he announced back at February's Xbox 360 Shooting Festa event. The game will be a side scrolling shooter with "2D that looks 3D," he said.

Shikura also said that he's hard at work on the next entry in 5pb's "science series" of adventure game. If you've been keeping up with Shikura's interviews, you'll recall that he mentioned this to 4gamer last month when talking about a separate adventure game that he's working on with Metal Gear Solid's Hideo Kojima. The Kojima title did not come up at today's event.

Mikami and Itagaki unfortunately didn't have any major revelations during their part of the event, a live recording of Itagaki's "Valhalla Freaks" Famitsu Xbox 360 column. Itagaki did make one notable point, though. "The era of pursuing technical strength has ended," he said. "From here on out, we should pursue what makes games interesting and fun." His point in saying this was that Japanese creators should, like overseas creators, be more open about sharing their technology, a point that Mikami agreed with.

The two also revealed that their recent yakiniku outing (see this story for details) lasted six hours. They've apparently become good friends of late.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 marketing chief Jouji Sakaguchi also appeared at the event for a talk session with Famitsu Xbox 360 editor-in-chief Munetatsu Matsui. He spoke a bit about Microsoft's Tokyo Game Show plans, promising that the company will have the largest TGS showing ever this year. It's unclear if he means Microsoft will have its largest TGS booth ever, or if this year's Microsoft booth will be the largest booth in TGS history.

Not surprisingly, Kinect will be Microsoft's main attraction at TGS. However, separate from the Kinect titles, Microsoft will have 100 playable kiosks -- a similar number to last year, Sakaguchi said.

Microsoft will be showing off their games this year on larger monitors, Sakaguchi also revealed.

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