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Name and Character Designer Undecided For PS3 Tales Game

New title appears to be early in development.


Forget all those rumors you might have heard about a "Tales of Unitia" being in development for PlayStation 3. While there is a PS3 Tales game in development, it will not have that name.

Tales series producer Hideo Baba addressed the naming issue during today's Tales series press conference. As reported at Gpara, Baba said of the new PS3 game, "It seems that the title 'Tales of Unitia' is being rumored on the internet, but it's not this name. We create the titles for the series once we've firmly set the story's message. We're in a state where the formal title has yet to be set."

At the press conference, the new PS3 game was announced as the series' 15th anniversary game and referred to as "Next Tales of." It was announced alongside Tales of Graces F for PlayStation 3 and Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 3 for PSP. Word of all three games leaked out from Jump last week.

Namco Bandai distributed one piece of artwork for the PS3 game to the press. It's the same art that appeared earlier in Jump.

Early concept art for the new PS3 Tales game.

The game's art designer, revealed Baba, is Daigo Okumura, who did character designs for Wii's Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. The game's character designer and theme song artist will be decided from here on out.

Closing off his introduction to the PS3 game, Baba said "Using the visual technology that we've accumulated, we will make a title that we would not be ashamed of calling a 15th anniversary game. We'd like to retain the good points of the series and include new play elements to create a title like never before."

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