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Tales of Graces: PS3 vs Wii

The F Stands For Faitto!


With the release of first media for Tales of Graces F earlier today, we have yet another chance to see how much better PS3 games can look compared to Wii games.

Here's the single F screenshot Namco Bandai shared today.

I searched through my entire collection of Wii Tales of Graces media (I collect screenshots -- don't you?), and while I couldn't find an identical image of Asbel and Sophie, I did find some close approximations. And then, I found a bunch of pictures of Sophie in bathing suits and cosplaying as Hatsune Miku. She's such a cute heroine.

Compare the above with (some of) the below:

A trailer for Tales of Graces F is due out later this month on PSN, so we should get a chance at a closer comparison.

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