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Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Comes With a Shopping Bag

An odd choice of pre-order bonuses. Plus, check out Final Fantasy characters in the DS remake.


If Kingdom Hearts weren't Kingdom Hearts, its pre-order bonus would be a telephone card with artwork like this:

(That's one of the upcoming Class of Heroes 3 bonus items).

Disney probably wouldn't approve, so the Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded pre-order bonus will be something a bit tamer. Order the new DS title in advance, and you'll get an original Kingdom Hearts shopping bag. This size A4 cotton bag features a monochrome illustration showing the characters who appear in the game.

You can get a look at some of those characters at the newly updated official site. Visit the world section for a look at a few of the game areas, including Destiny Island, Traverse Town and Wonderland. You'll find some familiar Final Fantasy characters there, including Final Fantasy X's Tidus and Wakka, Final Fantasy VIII's Selphie, and Final Fantasy VII's Cid. You'll also find profiles of some of your favorite Disney characters.

Square Enix did not share an image of the bonus shopping bag, but we should get a look soon enough, as Re:Coded is due for release on October 7.

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