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Tetsuya Nomura Finally Gets on Twitter

Ordered by his superiors, Square Enix's super producer begins posting directly about The 3rd Birthday.

Tetsuya Nomura

Tetsuya Nomura has thus far avoided getting on Twitter even as his boss, Yoichi Wada, and collegue, Shinji Hashimoto, have embraced the service as a means of directly connecting with fans. While we have seen Twitter updates from Nomura, these were always indirect, passed along from Hashimoto via the Square Enix Members Twitter feed.

Today, Nomura at long last gave in. Ordered by his superiors, Nomura began delivering his first direct Twitter updates.

Nomura doesn't actually have his own Twitter account, though. He's providing updates at the Twitter feed Square Enix has set up for The 3rd Birthday.

Nomura has made two post thus far.

First, today at 5:00 am, he wrote: "Acting under orders, I'll be exclusively making posts here. Good morning. I haven't actually gotten up early. Also, I won't go to sleep yet. See you later."

A few hours later, he wrote: "The summer sky in the morning feels good. In the future, aside from me, Kitase and Tabata will also be making posts. Although, they don't it yet." Yoshinori Kitase and Hajime Tabata are, respectively, producer and director on The 3rd Birthday.

Earlier this week, The 3rd Birthday Twitter promised a new trailer to be posted at the game's official site some time this month.

In the end, Aya Brea had what it takes to get Tetsuya Nomura on Twitter.

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