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Treasure Seeking Programmers for New 3D Shooter

What's next from the maker of Sin & Punishment and Gunstar Heroes?

Treasure's last major release, Sin & Punishment for Wii.

Sin and Punishment developer Treasure appears to have a new shooting game in the works. The publisher updated its recruit page on the 2nd with a listing seeking programmers for work on a "new 3D action shooting game project."

The listing does not provide any hints on the nature of the project. It says that preference will be given to those with 3D, action and shooting game production experience.

Treasure's latest work is Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, released by Nintendo on the Wii last year (a North American release came this past June). The company is known for its classic shooters and action games, including Gunstar Heroes, Ikaruga and Radiant Silvergun. Many of these games are available on Virtual Console and Xbox Live Arcade.

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