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God Eater Burst Gets a Downloadable Release

Plus, Namco Bandai finally figures out how to price its PSN releases.

Now even PSP go players will be able to sample Namco Bandai's Monster Hunter clone.

The original God Eater shipped earlier this year exclusively in package form. This was quite baffling, as it was a totally original game.

For God Eater Burst, Namco Bandai has decided to offer a downloadable version. Announced today, the downloadable version will be released opposite the package release on October 28.

Past Namco Bandai download releases have been priced the same same as their package releases, a pricing scheme that was a bit odd considering that most package games are discounted by about 10% at retail. God Eater Burst will be priced ¥4,700, a bit lower than the ¥5,229 of the retail version.

Those who buy the download version will miss out on the bonuses from the retail version. As previously detailed, the package version will include, as a first print bonus, a download code for some special avatar outfits.

The download release is only for buyers of the full version of God Eater Burst. Current God Eater players who want to upgrade to Burst spec will need to buy the Append version at retail.

News of the download release was accompanied by a new trailer, a full version of the game's first promotional video. Stream it here:

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