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The Last Story's Focus System Detailed

Change the tide of battle in Mistwalker's new Wii RPG by looking at the right things. Plus, a closer look at the supporting cast.


Weekly Shounen Jump brought The Last Story back into the spotlight last week with a preview introducing us to the game's supporting cast. Famitsu has a closer look at the characters this week, along with some new gameplay details.

Previously, Nintendo shared details on hero Elza and heroine Kanan. In Jump and now Famitsu, we've gotten a look at three additional cast members.

Here's a look at the three, with screen grabs from the trailer Nintendo shared a couple of weeks back.


Leader of Elza's mercenary group. He's earned the trust of his peers not just because of his skill in combat, but also because he's the one who does negotiations with potential employers. He's like an older brother to Elza. The two have been traveling together since their youth.


She's the moodmaker of the mercenary group. She fights with twin blades. While she drinks a lot and has a foul mouth, she's really considerate of her allies. A squad leader, she enjoys fighting and will jump to the front lines of combat.

The screenshot I've included below shows Seiren wearing what appears to be an overcoat. Her actual costume is a lot more revealing, showing a good amount of her upper body, while also managing covering up her legs and lower arms in what looks like thick armor. How anyone would fight like that, I don't know, but it does look pretty neat.


The cool magician. Yuris is a young male character who makes use of fire magic in combat. He's the youngest member of the mercenary group, but is also the most skilled. He doesn't speak much, and is unsociable. He treats mercenary work as just a means of survival.

The gameplay details this week concern the game's combat system. As detailed in the various blog posts at the official site, The Last Story's combat system mixes real time and command elements. You move around in real time, but you can freeze time to input commands.

Famitsu says that the battle system will allow for a good amount of player choice. You can attack enemies not just head on, but through various other means as well.

The focus system in action, as shown in the recent trailer.

Central to the battle system is a move whose Japanese name translates to "Focus." This is basically like locking your sights on things. In The Last Story, you can place your focus on objects and enemies. When an object or enemy is in focus, you can make use of Elza's bow gun for distant attacks, and also issue commands to your allies.

Famitsu introduces two examples of the focus system at work:

Place Your Focus on an Enemy

Your basic attack method in The Last Story is Elza's sword. However, you can place your focus on a distant enemy to have Elza use his bowgun to take the enemy out from afar. Enemies that are placed in focus will reveal their special abilities and weak points.

Famitsu suggests using this system to snipe out the healers from groups of enemies. After identifying which enemies are healers, you can sneak up to the enemy by sticking closely to walls or boulders. When you get close enough, turn your focus on the enemy. The game will switch to a behind-the-should view, allowing you to take out the enemy.

The behind-the-shoulder view displays a targeting reticle, but Famitsu doesn't say if you'll be able to directly point using the Wiimote (this was suggested in the trailer, though -- see below).

Place Your Focus on an Object

The focus system can reveal its real destructive power when you put your sights on objects. In one particular case introduced in the magazine, you can see a group of enemy archers on a bridge in the distance. The archers could end up delivering long range attacks. Turn your focus to the bridge, and you'll have a couple of options. You can make Elza use his bowgun to attack the archers. Or you can tell Yuris to cast powerful magic at the bridge. Go with the magic and the bridge collapses, killing the enemies.

Another example involves making a boulder fall atop a large group of enemies. You'll want to look around at your surroundings to see if you can use things.

You can actually see the focus system in action if you look closely at the trailer Nintendo shared a couple of weeks back, so I've included it here:

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