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MMV Readying Half-Minute Hero Sequel

Save the world in 30 seconds once again. Warning: a good amount of this article makes no sense.

Different from the original, shown here, Hero 30 Second's scenarios appear to be all RPG-based.

Hero 30, aka Half-Minute Hero, is returning in a PSP sequel. Marvelous has given the sequel the cute name of "Hero 30 Second."

As detailed this week in Famitsu, the sequel retains the basics of the 2009 original. You'll find the same retro-styled visuals, and the same gameplay concept of clearing quests in 30 seconds. The game will once again feature guest creators providing artwork and music.

There are a few fundamental changes being made to the formula, though. When moving around in the fields, time will freeze, allowing you to freely explore. Events may or may not have the time limit, depending on the content of the event.

Hero 30 Second ups the volume, offering five RPG scenarios and a total of 90 quests. The five scenarios featured in the story mode include the following:

Hero 30 Overture
You play as the one-winged hero Yusha. You've been ordered to kill off a monster named "Eight Elements."
Hero 30 Judgment
The door to hell has opened, and demons are spreading throughout the world. Yusha, the same dude from Overture, is being pursued by both humans and demons alike. "And then, the battle with the rival who crossed time begins."
Hero 30 Revolution
In this school-based RPG, you play as Princess Yushia. The gate to your school opens for only 30 seconds. Yushia and her classmates head off on a fun adventure.
Hero 30 Ragnarok
You play as Yuja, who advances through a world that has been destroyed. Along the way, you'll encounter the mysterious mech #30. "As the songstress sings her song, the god who will end everything descends."
Hero 30 Destiny
"The Hero Castle, which rises up to the sky. The 1000 year battle between the gods, mankind and demon kind at last comes to an end."

If you're not sure what some of those descriptions mean, don't ask me because I don't know either.

Screens from the original Half-Minute Hero.

In addition to the scenario mode, the game will feature three side modes:

Hero Wars
A four player RPG battle mode. For Hero 30 Second, wireless play offers new stages and rules. You can play tag match or co-op, and can make use of the stages that you create in the game's Romancing Tsukureeru mode.
Romancing Tsukureeru
An edit mode that lets you create 30 second quests. You can place buildings and land formations, set up events where you converse with townfolk, and make other such settings. The quests can be uploaded to a server and shared with other players.
Infinite Hero
A new mode of play where you continue defeating demon kings over and over again. Each foe has to be killed in 30 seconds, of course.

According to Famitsu, Hero 30 Second is currently 77% complete. A release is set for November 4.

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